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From real customers..

...plans look great   -  Kelly

thank you for your fast response. I can't wait to start building - Chadia

Got the file, no problems! I looked it over and it looks really nice, thank you! - Barbara

(The plans) are pretty solid so no complaints on this side now that you answered my questions..  -  John

Plans look great. Going to build it with my father. I have no carpentry experience whatsoever and he has some.

Instructions seem clear and easy to understand even for a novice to carpentry like myself.   -  Justin

I downloaded the plans (beautiful, by the way) and sent the funds via Paypal. Thanks again. Take care!  -  Fury

Just a note to say Thank you, I've received & opened the "Chair Plans"!

Fabulous~  (nice system, it all went smoothly, payment to plans! Thanks! - Cindy

This worked! Tysm! I will probably be getting other plans from you in the future.

I love your approach to developing equipment plans, continuous refinement… V. N. R.

Last year I ordered your plans for the wunda chair and built it. I love the modular design.

I want to build the barrel to get more stretching routine, Regards,  Trevor

I think I can get my handy retired dad to make me these. Thanks,  Cara

Joe, my husband is a carpenter and also a maintenance man (jack-of-all-trades), so he enjoys stuff just like this.

It really doesn’t look all that hard to make,  Barbara

Hello Mark,  Congratulations on such an innovative fun and interesting business! Rebecca

I am so happy I found you online with your spine corrector and arc barrel plans.

My dad is very handy and made these for me.  He said the specs and directions were great - Cara

I found you web page and it is fantastic. :-)  I would like to build by my self reformer because

I am big fan of pilates here in Slovakia but this kind of machines are too expensive for me.  Rado

Do you have any new pilates machine plans?
I have the spine corrector, reformer, pilates bed and chair plans, and i would like yo build anyone more.

Cheers! Nando

Hi Mark,

It works! thanks so much, you've done hell of a job here.

All the best :)

P x