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The Elegant Reformer Plans

Cost to build   $300-500  (springs extra)

Many construction  options - including ‘no welding’.

So simple to build! So strong!

Easy to dismantle!

Compare to studio reformers costing thousands

A demo of the Elegant Reformer in Canada upon reassembly

(after being shipped from my overseas studio in Thailand)

Skill level - medium wood working. Precise cutting, or get it professionally milled. You need a drill press to get all the holes correct and straight… Remember, it is made from hardwood,

Two options for the carriage sub-chassis - Wood only (very strong). Or mild steel welded option (very clever full spring/roller assembly)

The key to this reformer is getting 2 long hardwood runners. As long as they are very high-quality, knot free, straight, and 100% kiln-dry, the reformer should be strong and durable.

I have used standard 2x4 (1.5 x 3.5 inch) hardwood in 5 machines over 12 years, and none have warped or broken.

Get two good pieces of wood and you will have

a great machine that will last decades!


Everything you need

is in these plans


Includes plans for ‘The Box’

 $100 (US$)

Reformer  Plans Preview


Huge Spring 2022 Sale

Buy 2 Sets of plans

Take 20% off

80 Pages   250 photos All the  Measurements!   Complete Parts List